Coalesce 2013


From May 7 to 8, Seneca will be hosting a special showcase of graduating student work at the prestigious House of Moments Lounge and Art Gallery, 386 Carlaw Ave., in downtown Toronto. Graduating students will be given the chance to show off their best work. 

Entitled “Seneca Coalesce”, this is the third year we have held this high profile gallery showcase of new works produced by Seneca’s upcoming graduates in DMA, ILU, IDP, GRA, AFD, ACV, our four Animation programs, and highlighting past works from SCAA’s Summer Institutes in Animation & Documentary Filmmaking . Works will be displayed through a through printed works and also through a number of large interactive LCD screens situated throughout the gallery space. Viewers will be able to browse through work onscreen via a specially designed iPad app. 

Then, please join us on Tuesday May 7th from 6PM-midnight at House of Moments, 386 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, for our big year-end graduate celebration party. Family and friends welcome! Register for the party at .

Come celebrate, share your achievements with family and friends, and get a chance to mingle with people who could be your future employers in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. 

The event is produced by students in the Event Media Production program. 

Note: the illustration work for the promotional material was by ILU graduate Salini Perera!


About independentillustration

Program Coordinator of the Independent Illustration Diploma at Seneca College, Toronto, ON, Canada
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